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Collapsible Stainless Hallagan Tool

Collapsible Stainless Hallagan Tool

Collapsible Stainless Hallagan Tool

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Manufacturer: Blackhawk

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Price: $317.45 


Dynamic Entry, the industry leader in manual tactical entry tools, is proud to introduce our first ever line of collapsible entry tools. Combining years of research and development with input from operators in the field, our new Collapsible Tool Series™ meets and exceeds our legendary durability standards. At the heart of this revolutionary design is an expoxied fiberglass core surrounded by two interlocking stainless steel shafts. Compact for transport and operations in confined quarters, when extended these shafts provide extra leverage that allows the operator to employ more strike power, pry leverage and breaching force. A specially designed dual locking mechanism secures the shafts when extended; a durable molded handgrip provides exceptional grip in cold, damp and extreme weather conditions while also protecting the locking mechanism from dirt or debris.

Features the newly redesigned tempered stainless steel wedge and horn that includes friction ridges on all contact surfaces that are counter-angled to the head. Designed specifically to grip breaching surfaces securely, these counter-angled friction ridges also provide contact edge stability during breaching operations and prevent tool slippage.

The Collapsible Stainless Hallagan Tool™ provides the operator with two lengths:
16.75 inches when collapsed and 24.5 inches when extended for added leverage.

Weight: 7.7lbs
Length Collapsed: 16.75”
Length Extended: 24.5”