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CF Flashlight Holder w/ Mod-U-Lok Attachment

CF Flashlight Holder w/ Mod-U-Lok Attachment

CF Flashlight Holder w/ Mod-U-Lok Attachment

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Manufacturer: Blackhawk
SKU#: 75GH00BK

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Price: $19.04 


The Flashlight Mod-U-Lok™ holder was designed to allow the operator to securely hold many of the most commonly issued personal tactical lights with a 1.25” diameter bezel and a 1” diameter body. This holder is recommended for operators to carry their tactical lights in a bezel down carry mode, however, it will work in a bezel up configuration. This holder features BlackHawk’s new patent pending “Mod-U-Lok™” belt mounting attachment system. It allows the end user to mount the holder without having to strip accessories off of a duty or personal belt. Additionally the “Mod-U-Lok™” will allow the holder to be mounted at various angles for user comfort and ease of rapid deployment of the tactical light. An optional Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. platform can be purchased separately that will attach to the holder as well for mounting on to any MOLLE vest or similar platform attachment option.


A removable secondary rubber retention strap for additional security during transport. Remove the strap for faster extraction, the holder will continue to maintain a high degree of retention.

The light holder will work with the following lights:

Gladius™ Series Lights • Falcata™ Series Lights • Streamlight® Scorpion Series Lights Streamlight® TL-2 & TL-3 Series Lights • Streamlight® Strion Series Lights • Pentagon®Light X2 & X3 Series Lights • Pentagon®Light L2 & L3 Series Lights • Surefire® 6P, Z2, Z3, G2, G2Z, 9P, C2, C3 Series Lights

A small hole on the bottom rear of the holder allows for drainage of water in wet environments while maintaining a high degree of reduced light integrity if light is accidentally discharged in high-risk environments.