Gun Accessories

Gun Equipment

Gun Accessories

When it comes to gun accessories, Dana Safety Supply has it all. We carry a wide variety of stocks, slings and case for shotguns and rifles. For pistols, we have a large selection of holsters, weapon mounted flashlights, and mag pouches.

Dana Safety Supply has all the latest in gun accessories, for both pistols, and rifles or shotguns. Our handgun accessories include a great selection of holsters, weapon mounted flashlight, pistols lanyards, and mag pouches. Our holster inventory is huge; we have hip holsters, ankle holster, shoulder holster and even small-of-the-back holsters. Don’t forget to check out our holster buying guide to make sure you get the best holster for your needs.

With our extensive selection of gun equipment, Dana Safety Supply is your one-stop-shop. We have a large variety of slings and swivel kits to fit nearly all models of long guns. We’ve also got a great selection of stocks for rifles and shotguns, whether you’re looking for a tactical stock or a competition stock. When it comes time to store your gun, we can help with that too, our gun case selection can accommodate any of your firearms.

The Inprint Biometric Security Device is a must have for any pistol owner. This gun safe is perfect for storing handguns and other valuables. It uses biometric, 1 step opening with the swipe of a finger and features a spring loaded door for quick entry. For backup, you can store up to 15 finger prints in the memory and it comes with a key for opening in the event of power loss.

So when you need gun accessories, be sure to make Dana Safety Supply your first stop. We have all the best gun equipment for firearm safety and precaution.