Emergency Vehicle Lighting Guide

Emergency Vehicle Lighting:
A Selection Guide

Looking for emergency vehicle lighting? Whether you need lighting for your personal vehicle or for a municipality owned emergency vehicle, Dana Safety Supply provides a wide selection of warning lights for dashboard or exterior vehicle mounting. Choose from dash, deck or visor ligting, interior lighting, strobe beacons, regular exterior mount lightbars, or mini lightbars available with your choice of magnetic mount or permanent mount. Dana Safety Supply also provides the replacement parts and lighting accessories necessary, from replacement bulbs to magnetic mounting kits to mounting brackets.

emergency vehicle lightingEmergency vehicle lighting reduces traffic risks, both to emergency responders and to citizen drivers, by increasing the conspicuity of the emergency vehicle. While stronger, more intense lamps may increase the visibility of an emergency vehicle, the same may increase glare or masking for the other driver causing distraction, confusion or disorientation. While warning lamps affect pedestrian visibility and driver behavior, it is noteworthy that the overall use of blue lights - with a higher intensity during daylight hours and overcast weather conditions, lower intensity during dark hours, may reduce confusion and disorientation.

Dana Safety Supply is available to answer all your questions regarding emergency vehicle lighting. Contact us for more information or help fulfilling your emergency vehicle lighting needs.