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About Dana Safety Supply

With over 300 years of combined experience in law enforcement and related equipment sales, Dana Safety Supply (DSS) is one of the largest and most experienced high-tech police supply equipment distributors and vehicle up-fitters in the U.S.

DSS offers the finest quality law enforcement duty equipment and products, unsurpassed service and competitive prices, exclusively to law enforcement professionals. In order to maintain our company’s integrity, we routinely verify law enforcement status before shipping products. police supply distributor

Our 7 retail locations, installation centers, phone centers, and on-hand inventory enable us to work efficiently and cost-effectively with law enforcement professionals to identify, deliver and install top-quality equipment, including: Whether you work with a municipal, county, state, federal or global law enforcement agency, you can rely upon our knowledgeable staff of law enforcement experts, who also serve as technical consultants to leading manufacturers.

Dana Safety Supply’s (DSS) core business is to equip and support law enforcement agencies. As a company, and as individuals, we support the right and liberty of Americans to keep and bear arms and to use them for personal pursuits and protection. While DSS’s retail centers are open to the public, DSS has always focused its efforts on equipping law enforcement personnel.

While we support the rights of Americans to own and safely use firearms, we have chosen to sell some select firearms to law enforcement personnel only. We have made a business decision to focus our efforts on our core business of supplying and supporting law enforcement personnel. DSS remains dedicated to the safe and responsible sale of firearms and supporting the law enforcement officers who protect us all.

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David Russo, Chief Executive Officer

With more than 30 years of law enforcement experience and industry experience, David Russo is ideally suited to his role as Chief Executive Officer of Dana Safety Supply (DSS).

David began his law enforcement career in 1982 working in the patrol division of a sizable Florida Sheriff's Office. In 1986, he founded what became one of the nations most successful law enforcement supply and vehicle outfitting companies. David oversaw all aspects of the business until selling it in 2002. He remained active as a vice-president with the new management until 2005. He joined DSS as a consultant in December of 2005. David became Chief Executive Officer of DSS in December of 2009.

David is a certified instructor in many high-liability areas of law enforcement and has served as trainer and consultant for numerous local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and police academies. He has rendered expert opinions in support of law enforcement officers and agencies at the local, state and federal levels.

Sidney Wells, Chief Operating Officer

Sidney Wells attended Duke University and earned a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and Masters Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Following his collegiate studies, Sidney worked at CSX Corporation as the Project Assistant to the CIO. Sidney owned and operated a technology centric solutions company providing consulting services to private and public sector organizations.

Sidney joined the Scott-McRae Automotive Group (SMAG) in 2004. SMAG owns a number of divisions and Sidney has had the opportunity to hold executive management positions at a number of these divisions.

In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Sidney works closely with the other management team members of Dana Safety Supply to ensure they are meeting the technical, customer service, and informational needs of its customers.

Wanda Hobbs, Vice President of Finance and Operations

Wanda Hobbs has more than 30 years experience in the Law Enforcement products industry. She holds a Bachelors degree in Accounting.

Her career started at Davidson Supply holding various positions in accounting and purchasing. In 1988 she came to work as Vice President of Finance & Administration for Southern Public Safety with locations in North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia. A new location in Tampa, FL was added in 1994 and she became President of Central Public Safety Equipment Co. She acted in that capacity until it was sold in 2007 to Dana Safety Supply. She remained with Dana Safety Supply as Vice President of Finance & Administration.

Wanda's knowledge in the law enforcement industry applies to operations, accounting, purchasing and personnel management. Her education and experience is an integral part of our management team at the new Dana Safety Supply.

Dave Simons, Director of Special Projects

Dave comes to our organization in 2010 with 38 years of experience in the Law Enforcement products industry. He served two years as a Project Manager for S&W and sixteen years as the Vice President of Law Enforcement Sales with sales responsibility for the United States and Canada. He provided expert testimony in numerous liability cases during his time with S&W. He graduated from Western New England College in 1966 with a BS degree in Engineering.

He became President of the Simons Group of Companies, Southeastern Public Safety Equipment Co. (GA), Palmetto Distributors, Inc. (SC), Central Public Safety Equipment Co. (FL) and Southern Public Safety Equipment Co. (NC) in 1987 and ran his own very successful Law Enforcement equipment distributorship for 20 years until it was sold to Dana Safety Supply, Inc. in 2007. He has since been retained by DSS as a consultant working in the business on a daily basis.

Dave brings more than 40 years and a wealth of experience in the Law Enforcement equipment business to the revitalize DSS organization. He will be utilized on a number of projects were his experience and knowledge will come into play.

JC Puryear, Regional General Manager

JC is a retired, decorated metro Atlanta area police officer. JC brings a wealth of real world knowledge and proven results in the law enforcement supply industry.

During his career as an officer, JC was named Police Officer of the Year twice. He was also Lead Investigator in charge of the Crimes Against Children, Crimes Against Person, Robbery, Burglary, Auto Theft and White Collar Crimes Divisions and he was a member of the Special Operations Unit and Surveillance Unit. JC has received numerous awards and commendations for his performance in his law enforcement career; most notably he was awarded the Red Cross Certificate of Merit Award by President Ronald Reagan.

After his retirement, JC worked closely with a worldwide body armor and firearms manufacturer to promote their products through the law enforcement community. JC went on to be an integral member of one of the country’s largest law enforcement equipment companies with locations in Miami, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando and Charlotte. Today, JC is the Regional General Manager of Dana Safety Supply, providing management and oversight over the Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi operations of Dana Safety Supply.

William Barnhart, General Manager - DSS Miami

William began his law enforcement career with a Florida Sheriff’s Office, and later served as a Patrol Supervisor and SWAT Team Member. Following his 11 year career in law enforcement, William entered the law enforcement equipment business as a salesperson. William was promoted to a Vice President role of the largest law enforcement supply company in the Southeast before becoming the owner of his own law enforcement uniform, duty gear, and tactical gear sales company located in Miami-Dade County.

In June of 2011 William joined DSS and currently holds the title of General Manager of the DSS-Miami office, which serves the law enforcement communities in the entire South Florida area.

George Maris, DSS Director of Production and DSS Orlando General Manager

George has been installing emergency equipment for local, county, state and federal agencies for nearly 30 years. George's strict adherence to officer and public safety first and foremost as well as top quality, standardization, uniformity and exceeding customer’s expectations have helped make him one of the industry leaders. George is very familiar with what will and will not work in law enforcement vehicles having worked as a Deputy Sheriff for 13 years.

George was employed as Vice-President, Technical Services for a MAJOR Law Enforcement Distributor in the Southeast United States for 17 years where he started the installation side of the business from the ground up. He is very knowledgeable with product lines having also worked in, as well as supervised the Sales Division. Prior to owning his own business he oversaw the installation of nearly 3,000 vehicles per year. George has a United States Patent (U.S. Pat No. 6,946,604) on the Wire Harness Table which is used to assemble wire harnesses. George is also authorized and/or certified by all major emergency manufacturers to install, trouble-shoot and repair their emergency equipment.

Jimmy Coumalatsos, General Manager - DSS Jacksonville

Jimmy entered the law enforcement supply business in 1997 as an emergency vehicle technician. His mastery of the technical side of the business enabled him to move over to the sales side of the business where he was responsible for selling vehicle accessories, soft-goods, body armor, firearms, and all types of police equipment. Jimmy excelled at this role and eventually he was promoted to vehicle accessories sales manager and also to Technical Services Manger, responsible for large scale vehicle accessories sales and installation projects.

Jimmy is an EVT certified equipment technician, as well as Genetec AutoVu certified technician, and has attended extensive factory training on the sales and service of emergency vehicle equipment. Jimmy has a tremendous depth of sales and technical knowledge in both the function and installation of emergency vehicle accessories and a vast knowledge about all types of public safety products.

Mark Cowart, General Manager - Palmetto Distributors

Mark is a former police officer in the state of South Carolina and has been a tremendous asset to DSS. Mark utilizes his great customer service and product knowledge skills to meet the needs of his customers.

During his 10 year career in law enforcement, Mark served as a Patrolman, DARE Officer, Training Officer, and Investigator. Following his law enforcement career Mark joined Palmetto Distributors in 2005 and has since moved through the ranks until he earned the role of General Manager.

Thomas Sabo, General Manager - DSS Tampa / Central Firearms

Tom found his passion for law enforcement while serving as a Military Police Officer in the US Army. After the military, Tom was hired by Defense Technology (Def Tec) where his love of technical products found a perfect fit with his dedication for keeping public servants safe.

Fast forward over 20 years and Tom has held numerous roles in the industry, all of which center around a singular goal: Supporting those who selflessly keep our families safe. "There are real heroes in this world, and it's sad to say they are often overlooked." Tom says, "I am proud to say I am a vigilant supporter of those men and women, and that will never change." All of Tom's staff share that common vision and are happy to help with any need!